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 The Ranks of Samaria

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PostSubject: The Ranks of Samaria    Wed Feb 15, 2017 11:25 pm

These are our ranks. Each rank has a level of maturity based on your characters skill set. This guide will explain what the ranks are and what the basic skill set would be required to be in that level of ranking and how to obtain those skills in basic format. Read the Experience Guide to understand how you earn experience for a Rank and be sure to read below, the needed skill points for a specific level within your Rank.

The alpha of the Pack leads all the members below them with. Their method of ruling is of their own desire. The alpha is prone to lower ranking wolves that are close to their stature challenging them for their position. In some cases, the entire pack may vote to demote their current alpha for someone else. Outside the roleay, Alphas are responsible for their packs information updates and may communicate with other Alpha users for events between their packs.

The deputy is the second in line among the highly ranked members of the pack. This wolf is highly intelligent about the ways of the pack and of the packs territory. Considerably, Deputies should be consulted before going to the Alpha as these wolves consult with the Alpha if need be. Deputies work closely with the Leaders of each rank, including Mentors to ensure that training, patrols and pack health are at top condition. Deputies are subject to challenges for their rank from lower members of the pack who match or succeed their skill level. Duels for the Deputy rank must be approved before executing the challenge.

The Alchemist are wolves who create, test and provide the magical and elemental balance to the wolves of Samaria. Alchemists or skilled with crafting, highest in the pack. They are considered valuable and packs try to ensure they have the strongest Alchemist. A stronger Alchemist means a stronger pack. Alchemist are exposed to chemicals most of their time and therefore are subjected to illness. An alchemist usually has an apprentice behind them to ensure the previous Alchemist legacy or the pack may be vulnerable and weak without one.

These are the wolves who give blood and soul for the pack. They are muscular wolves skilled in combat to defend their pack against any enemy. Guardians are highly valued for their strength and skill to cooperate in a raid, battle and spy on the enemy. These wolves have many duties. Guardians are positioned where the Alpha deems their usefulness. Guardians accompany members on hunts, journeys to the Uncharted lands, Loner encounters and any other party needing protection such as a Quest for the Archwolf. Guardians are prone to brawling for the strongest but also to keep their senses alert. Guardian are lead by a Leader whom reports when needed to the Deputy of the pack.  Guardians are prone to old age quick than most from their experience with wounds and high activity.

These wolves dress wounds and heal the sick. Healers are responsible for the packs general health, which makes them yet another valuable rank to the pack. Healers study herbs, potions, mixtures and healing spells and elements such as water. Healers are highly skilled with knowledge about the Pack territory and where to find healing supplies at the most dire of times. Healers train by studying scrolls and hands on experience. Healers also assist with newborn pups and assist the mothers with hunting small prey while the mother stays at the den. Healers are not prone to threats to their rank but the overall leader has some mention to ensure the Healer Leader is skilled and training others to benefit the Pack as well.

These wolves control the food supply of the pack. Knowing every hunting ground in their territory, hunters hunt in groups of 2-4 to supply food for the pack. Hunters are on of the most agile and strong wolves in the pack. They specialize highest with the earth element. Hunters hunt and bring back food for the pack as well as hunt small prey to store with in the packs territory when they leave so the there is stock when needed. Any leader of a group hunt coordinates the strategy to ensure a successful hunt. A poor coordinator could mean a poorly fed pack and starvation.

These are the babies of the pack. The pups are either lost pups looking for parents, or born within the pack. When pups are born, the owner of that character must start off at 6 weeks, old enough to venture in and out of the den but not out of the territory. Pups are closely watched by packmemvers, specifically healers. At 12 months, pups may venture out of the territory with an adult. Healings are shown loner acceptances, first pack meets and more at this time including element and magic introductionns, but they are not aware of their own power. At age 2, characters are moved to the Apprenticeship of the desired rank and begin training almost immediately.

Loners are wolves not within any of the packs. These wolves stay within the neutral grounds of Samaria and are forbidden to enter pack territories without the permission of the Alpha. Only brave souls would dare their way in, almost foolishly. Once the Loner has chosen their pack, depending on the Pack joining process, the character eventually moved to Apprenticeship of their desired rank after earning a few skills to be at the Apprenticeship skill level.

The ranking levels

Not to be confused as an Alpha sort of Rank, a leader is in charge of overseeing the progress and management of the member in the rank below them. Leaders communicate closely with the superior ranks as well as each other within their pack to make sure the rank is carrying the best members. Leaders are in charge of anything specific that pertains to the rank. A guardian leader leads the battle front, an alchemists leader commands what to experiment with to better the pack overall.
Exp: 900 or higher

These wolves are one of the packs strongest members. They are highly skilled in crafting, alchemy, hunting, fighting and all the rest. Mentors train the members in order to gain strength for the pack. A poorly trained combatant is useless in battle. Mentors may be of any age between 4-6.  Mentors suffer no threat to their position, however, they do suffer from sickness and age as they are exposed to all the effects of each rank.
Exp: 500 or higher

You are above a trainee, but below the Alpha and you have lesser skills to be a mentor. This is where you are a part of the rank as a servant, basically. You do not teach others, and you are not learning the ways of your rank. You are simply here to serve your pack as a member. You can consult a mentor if you with to be a mentor or leader, but you carry enough skills to serve the pack affectively.
Exp: 300 or higher

You are training for your rank. As a pup, you start training around age 2. Adults may begin as quickly as they can submit the training request form. As an apprentice, you are mainly friends with the Vortex and your mentor. Pain and bruises are your sleep companions. Your wolf cannot commit to the pack just yet, but you do demonstrate every now and then.
Exp: 10 or higher
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The Ranks of Samaria
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