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PostSubject: Transparent    Mon May 29, 2017 10:07 am

₵ Ⱨ Ɽ Ø ₦ Ø ₴

  AGE                          RANK                  ORIENTATION
                             2.5 yrs old                       Guardian                          Heterosexual                                
Although Chronos can be quite difficult to get along with, he has always been a genuine and loyal friend. He doesn't have much trouble holding an entertaining conversation with his fellow pack-mates once he is comfortable. It may be assumed at first that this canid is not very charismatic or easy to get along with, although the second part is somewhat true, believe it or not he can actually be very easy and fun to talk to. He's not the type to have too many friends tho and most canid's don't have the time to stick around and figure him out, as he can be quite difficult. Chronos enjoys keeping his circle small, but the ones he does get along with would be a 'ride or die' type of friendship. Also, you may notice during conversation that it is difficult for him to maintain eye contact because he believes that a canid's eyes can reveal various stories untold. 
Closest friend- open
Friend- open
Friend- open
Acquaintance- open
Enemies are something that the brute doesn't have many of, he is often controlled and relaxed so in order for him to consider one his enemy would be pretty substandard. He tries to stay as far away from triggering deleterious feelings as possible as it can only lead to discredit. Yes he does get annoyed by others pretty easily, but this however, does not promote the feelings of hatred or loathing. Although it is pretty obvious if the brute does not enjoy your company, only one or two canids can really fill up this slot. Since the brute despises dishonesty and treacherous beings, the only ones he would consider his true enemies are those who betrayed him.
Annoyance- open
Enemy- open
A true gentleman, yes, but Chronos often finds it difficult to emotionally invest in other canid's. The idea of someone having so much control over his emotional, mental and even physical being truly frightens him. It is a fact that these fears are a result of his unfortunate past, however, sometime in the future Chronos would like to have a family of his own. Occasionally, other's may mistaken his acts of respect and efforts of friendship as flirting, this has been a reoccurring situation for the canid and he unintentionally forces himself into such conditions that would eventually lead to another's disappointment. However, if he does have feelings for another in the future, he intends on keeping it to himself as it's quite hard for him to confess his feelings. He doesn't tend to drop any hints but if he truly likes the other canid, he may do some extra actions or say a couple extra words that would kind of give it away. 
Crushes on others- open
Crushes on him- open
Lovers- open
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PostSubject: Re: Transparent    Tue May 30, 2017 10:45 pm

Wahaha, I think polarix will have fun with him XD
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