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 I have never been so insulted!

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PostSubject: I have never been so insulted!   Sun Jul 02, 2017 9:42 am

I found it! The battle between Kamaji and Mals previous character Maximum. Enjoy the laughs everyone! I'm only going to show y'all the post between the two...

The male's canines bared as Kam stepped closer to him, and his body began shaking violently from the cold and anger. "I'm fine," He muttered through clenched teeth, "Please, keep your distance. I don't want to hurt anyone anymore." His voice was calm and normal, but his body was showing aggression. It was doing just the opposite of Max's wishes. And he had no control. "Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop." He repeated to himself, with his eyes closed and his body slightly swaying. "I came back to see if the pack would help me get the old me only seemed I got worst the farther away I went."

Kamaji snorted."You won't be helped if you don't believe you can help yourself."He snarled."You have to fight it. There must be something in your past that bothers you."He kept his tone firm but he'd lessened his aggression slightly. He watched the males every move. If they clashed, if would be a battle. Something kamaji thought he could handle. If he couldn't, then heaven help him, he thought. He felt his body tense and his muscles ache. He was ready for a match.

Put him to rest, Maxy Voices spouted in his head ever so sweetly. The male shook his head violently as these voices buzzed in his mind. His head felt like it was going to explode. "No," He begged them out loud. "Stop, please." Finish him, Max. Max looked at Kam, but he wasn't himself anymore. His friendship disappeared, and Kam was just a wolf in his way. Growls escaped Max's mouth, and Max rammed right into his shoulder blade with bared canines.

Kamaji watched his friend in silence. Something was happening to him that he didn't understand. He wanted to help but he wasn't sure how. It was when Max looked at him that he flinched. His eyes were dull and empty. They had rage in them. When his friend came at him, Kamaji bared his own fangs and braced himself. When Max's head slummed into his shoulder, Kamaji grunted and snapped at Max's shoulder, missed. He growled furiously as he fell to the earth with on thump, on his side, holding the males gaze with piecing ivory irises.

Max looked at the wolf on the ground. "Aren't you going to fight back?" He questioned, the strange wolf looking back at him. "Finish me,"
The ebony male circled the wolf's body for a few moments, before lunging at him with both massive paws on his neck. "Do it. Kill me. Take the pain away." The ebony male demanded with a sick smile as he looked into the wolf's white irises. "One bite," Max added, with a childish voice. He laughed at himself. "One twist of the one will know. Because no one cares about the depressed wolf."

Kamaji snarled."No" He watched Max circle him before he threw up his back legs as Max lunged at him. His paws were at his throat and Kamaji's hind legs were at his underside while he yelped in surprise."Max..."Kamaji whined. But he saw no end. He wouldn't kill him he promised himself. He would only injure. He could never kill the male. Even when he saw the sickening look in his eyes, Kamaji snarled and twisted. He leaped from his grasp and lunged at the wolf with jaws wide for his shoulder. He bit down hard and tasted blood.

The ebony male yelped, clawing at the wolf to get his off. He finally shook the wolf off his shoulder blade, and looked at him with confusion. The male cocked his head, and asked. "Kam? Why?" He asked, licking the blood off his shoulder and off the ground. The lupine began to roll his bloodied-up shoulder into the snow before licking the bloody ice. He stared back at Kamaji again. "I'm sorry," His mind was foggy over the whole incident, but he had an idea what occurred. "I thought I was better." The only thing you got better at was hiding it. Max sighed, staring at the ground as blood droplets touched the white snow.

Kamaji yelped when one of Max's claws scratched his underside and he yelped. Leaping back he struggled for a moment before locking eyes on the ebony wolf. He looked confused. He was bleeding. kamaji wondered if he'd bitten him too hard."You were not yourself."He said with a grunt over pain. He watched him still, not caring for the blood that fell from the skin torn at his ribs. He licked his lips, tasted irony blood."Max..."He trailed off. He hesitated then said,"Why hadn't you said something?"Kamaji wondered what Moonshine would think of this?Kamaji realized his wound from Fatal had closed but it was a scab on his shoulder. Luckily, it hadn't opened.

"I'm sorry, Kam." The male sputtered with clenched teeth, looking away from the blood droplets on the crisp snow. "Kam..." He started, but paused staring at his cuts. "I didn't mean to...I tried to resist..heh," Max apologized with slunk shoulders. "I didn't want you all to worry. I thought I was getting better, I'm sorry." Max admitted, sadden by how wrong he was. Max's ears twitched, thinking he heard a voice calling his name. "Hello!?" He barked, but got no answer. It must have been the annoying ones in his head. "Did you hear that? Or am I insane? (<---haha)"

Kamaji snorted dat his apologies but seemed to soften a bit as he said."Don't worry about it. You need help."He took a few steps closer but then something hit him. It was pain. When he looked at his wound now, he noticed it was worse than he'd that.He looked at Max with fury in his eyes."You bit me!" he took another slow slow step towards him growling over the pain."You bit my ribs!"With all his rage, Kamaji couldn't let the matter pass. He leaped at Max."DIE!"He screamed but it came out as a howl mixed with a growl.

Asking all 'em questions, asking all 'em questions, why you be asking all 'em questions...making statements, assuming?" He said to himself with a mischievous grin, looking a blood droplets on the snow with a scrunched up face. "Where? Who? You been where? WITH WHO?!" Hearing Kamaji's howl/growl, Max looked behind him to see what Kam was upset with. Max looked at him with a curious face, then it clicked. "Oh geez," Then he heard "die" and he braced himself to get beaten up. "FOR NARNIA!!" Max called, running slow-motion towards Kam. "FOR NARNIAAAAAAAAAA!"

Kamaji felt himself collide with Max and pinned him to the floor. He was talking as thought to an imaginary friend. he snarled and and pulled his head back, exposing bared , sharp, glistening teeth. "You shall die in the name of Ebeneezer Scrooge!" He lowered his head."FOR SPARTA!" He lined for Max's throat and this time, he felt as though he wouldn't hold himself back. Couldn't and wouldn't.

"Wut wut wut wut wut wut wut wut wut wut wut wut...?" Max asked, as he kicked the gray wolf into a mound of snow. "Get your mind right!! I just went Macklemore CRAZY ON CHU!" The ebony lupine jumped on top of Kam until he was deep in the snow. "Take that sucker!" He called as he ran towards Rain, barking "Help! Kam is trying to do a ancient ritual dance called twerking!!!" He muttered as he sat behind Rain, hiding from the angered Kam. "he's going to kill me...Rain. Aaaahhhhhhh!!"

.Kamaji ignored Rains outburst as he was shoved into the snow."MACKLEMORE?!"He stood and raced towards Maximum screaming."YOUR WASTED, BOY. JUST LIKE CARRY UNDERWOOD!" He barreled into Max and sprawled onto the snow laughing. He sat up to look at max smiling through pain."What do you think of that round?"He asked mockingly. He glanced at Rain."Enjoy the show?"

"But..But mom," Maximum said with a chuckle, as he pointed a paw at Kam. "He started it." The ebony lupine stuck a tongue out at the gray wolf, then flung snow at him. "Look, if you had one shot, or one opportunity to seize everything you ever wanted in one moment, would you capture it? Or let it slip?" He inquired the two, then added. "Areumdawo sarangseureowo Geurae neo hey geurae baro neo hey Jigeumbuteo gal dekkaji gabolkka Oppa Gangnam Style," Max waited for that to sink in, "SORRY FOR PARTY ROCKING!"

kamaji shook his head at Rain."Carrie was set on fire." kamaji looked over at Max and spotted a small drop into a hole and pushed him in it."Fall out boy!"Kamaji laughed and then added."BRITTNEY SPEARS BROKE THE ICE!" He scrambled towards rain and hid behind her mockingly.

Maximum climbed out of the pit carefully and sat down. The lupine started to shake his head, as if he were disappointed. "Dude, that's just wrong." His eyes darted to the ice, the he exchanged glances with rain and Kam. "She needa quit it. If she keep breaking ice, we all gon' die...UNLESS YOU DONT STOP BELIEVING," he shouted from the tops of his lungs. "Because Kam gives love a bad name!" Max began to circle Kam until he was dizzy. "This is why I’m hot. This is why I’m hot. This is why. This is why. This is why I’m hot. This is why I’m hot. This is why I’m hot. This is why. This is why. This is why I’m hot. I’m hot coz I’m fly. You ain’t coz you’re not. This is why. This is why. This is why I’m hot. I’m hot coz I’m fly. You ain’t coz you’re not. This is why. This is why.This is why I’m hot,"

Kamaji didn't get a chance to say anything more, but this was a fin thing for us back then. Hopefully we will do it here with everyone hehe. Whatcha think?
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I have never been so insulted!
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