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 Armythian Rules

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PostSubject: Armythian Rules   Sun Feb 19, 2017 11:13 pm

These are the codes for Armythia. As we are a pack of Laws and Strrength, it is highly expected that each member of the pack, follows these rules. The Alpha may deem you unworthy or demote your character if they so choose. Please read these carefully and address the Alpha if you have any questions.

1. Keep food supply plentiful
Each time you leave the territory(Alpha or Deputy) or leave the den(All ranks), it is required that you hunt a mouse or rabbit along the way to keep food stocks plentiful for the pack. Not doing so may have you sent back along the trail to do so, no matter the time of day.

2. Obey the High Ranks Alpha, Mentor and Deputy

The high ranks have authority within the pack. These wolves keep the pack in order within some form or fashion they see fit. Please give these characters your respect.

3. Marriage must be Alpha Approved

Pups within the pack are mainly Alpha heirs, but the pack itself flourished when others are intimate as well. Please see that you consult the Alpha about a marriage via RP before falling through with a ceremony and preparations.

4. No one earns a rank without training

You have to train for your rank. Characters within Armythia are required to do so. The training is interactive. If you find things slow, consult a mentor in RP or via PM to get things moving.

5. Have Fun!
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Armythian Rules
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