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 Lark Easton | Alpha

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PostSubject: Lark Easton | Alpha   Wed Feb 22, 2017 10:49 pm

Lark Easton
Age 3

30"|120 Pounds|Single|Golden Yellow eyes|Name comes from a bird species "Lark"

Lark is a very kindly girl with a lot of fight her. To begin, lets take it one step at a time.

Brave: Lark is determined not to give in to fear. At point she may seem unsure, but be prepared when she takes up her courage for the better. Lark is very thoughtful, but even in those cases, sometimes it could make her look quite foolish. A brave move could be a stupid one.

Loquacious: Lark has quite a mouth when she speaks. If she can relate to a subject very well, she loves to talk. She may seem shy, but you aren't talking about something she cares for. Lark can sometimes get easily distracted or even rant. She has a mind of her own and so easily manipulated if she isn't careful with her words.

Serious: Lark means well but sometimes she just won't budge. Orders or simple facts, Lark will stay her way, but not forever. Her stubborness eventually turn to seriousness. Lark doesn't kid when she means more than what she says or does. In some cases she gets a little agitated if everyone thinks she's joking.

Heartful: Lark is very loving to her friends and family. She enjoys interacting with her packmates and even does nice things out of the blue. Love is very protective of those she cares for and defensive. Though she has a past she strives to allow her nature to outrule the burdens she carries.

The Past

When she came out into the world that beautiful spring day, Lark Easton had a life full of adventure before her. The young pup had a pelt that reminded her parents, Falon and Crixus that Lark suited her perfectly. They guarded their only pup carefully, knowing they had been blessed with even just one pup.

When Lark turned a year, she had grown from a shy girl to a ball of endless energy. Lark had been born into a small pack of eight members who guarded their future warrior closely. Lark spent most of her time with the strong males, learning what she could with the facination of being able to defend her pack one day. Her parents were a healer a warrior. The combination would serve Lark well in her later years.

At age two, Lark spent one last year with her pack. She was a quick study and Lark wanted to explore the world outside her pack sooner than later. She had learned to be loyal and truthful. What was misfortune was that Falon and Crius were old. In the winter of Larks second year, Falon died of illness. Crixus, unable to bear the loss, left the pack in search of his mate in a delirium that she wasn't truly gone. Alone, Lark kept to herself, grieved until a male in the pack took her in.

On Larks third year, she had accepted the events of her parents passing in her second year and grew into a fine young female warrior. She bid her pack farewell and set out in search of a new pack.


Present Day

To be told...
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Lark Easton | Alpha
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