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PostSubject: Yasuna(WIP)   Fri Feb 24, 2017 4:44 pm

Name: Yasuna
Pronunciation: Yass-une-uh
First OC: Yasuna
Number of Characters Owned: 2
Age: 4
Gender: Female
Orientation: Pansexual
Wolf Breed: Gray wolf, European wolf, Dire wolf

Pack: Azuria
Rank: Alpha

Personality:Yasuna can be a bit soft spoken and motherly, at first she starts out quiet and shy. But once she feel's comfortable you'll probably wish she'd shut her maw. Yasuna is prone to dazing out which ends up with her not hearing something or slipping on ice or something just as dangerous. She fears solitude and heights. Her paws belong on the ground. Easily forgets things, He is fearful leading him to fear darkness....or well being alone and feeling like he's about to be swallowed whole. Yasuna can be stern and a bit stiff. She tries to keep her head up but can be a bit pessimistic. She doesn't easily put her trust in others. So when she does she will get hurt hugely if betrayed. Then sulk for a bit.
Forager: A great sense of smell and good at finding things.
Clever: Knowledge of the whereabouts of things she finds as well as whether its good or not.
Strength: She has grown strong from her life as a loner and facing life and death.
Tries to be funny cause she knows what its like to be down in a rut.
Loyal: she'd give her life for her friends, she wold follow her leaders to the very end.

Description: Yasuna has long thick unruly blue-black, gray, and white fur. Her neck fur spikes up in an almost Mohawk like fashion. Atop her muzzle, forehead, hips, and ankles  has blue and white markings.


(Need to find a better lineart for her, she's intensely floofy)
History:  Living in a pack her whole life Yasuna was taught in the ways of hunting and protecting the young. As well as serving the pack leader or leaders. She lived happily without a worry for anything till the day her sister became pregnant. Love was not something she had really cared to think of before. Children....pups of her own would mean dealing with her fear of males. Deveon, he was caring and strong. It didn't take long for the male to woo Yasuna and soon she was pregnant with three pups. Two males and a female. She nurtured them, told them tales of many before them. Was excited to teach them the skills to survive. But even with her love of pups every mother needed a break. One day she was assigned to hunt with a few other wolves. The hunting group conspired of three experienced hunters and two new hunters. During the hunt they tried hunting a young male deer a loud howl echoed through the area halting all the wolves causing the prey to escape. The hunters gave horror filled glances among each other before racing back to their home. Many fearing for their pups. Upon entry they noticed a few unknown wolves and they were going after the pups. The leader no where in sight. A lot of females present were sitting back guiltily while others were trying to hide their pups. Tempest, Yasuna's sister began to viciously attack a male who was going after her pup. A cry for help drew Yasuna's attention to her daughter enima where she stood shaking next to her dead brothers. A Bulky male seized a hold of the tiny pups throat just as Yasuna lunged forward only to be intercepted by another male. The male snarled causing the female to flinch back. She tried to fight the fear but the sight of her child hitting the floor nearly caused her to give in. She felt empty, her baby's were dead. Deveon was no where. And Tempest was fighting a losing battle. Filled with rage the gray and blue wolf chomped her teeth onto the males muzzle causing him to step back with an angry grunt. A pain was soon erupting on the females side as the male that had killed her children was now tearing his teeth into her. She swung her head in Tempest's direction ready to beg her sister to flee but what met her eyes was a dead body. A wolf who had fought until her last breath. Tempest's sons body lay nearby. The only thing missing in the picture was Ialu...Could she have made it out... With that thought she retreated with the feeling of a wolfs breath on her haunches. She jumped over bushes and splashed through pools of water. She was not sure when the male had let up but when she finally collapsed she gave herself a moment to breath. "I....I have to go back. Ialu could be alive." Her right side was aching as blood pooled down the her side freely mingly with her fur. The sticky substance not letting up or crusting over causing the female an immense amount of worry. "I'll worry later." She tried licking the wound only feeling her position agravating it so she settled down on the ground hoping that the wound would crust over quickly. When night struck she pulled herself back onto her sore paws with a groan and began to backtrack towards her old home. She stayed close to the ground feeling grateful for the cover of the night as she crept slowly about on dangerous territory.To think just only that afternoon she had felt so safe there. Getting close enough to the sleeping wolves to not be scented she started combing the ground looking for the scent of her sisters daughter. When none was found she sluggishly made her way back to where she had rested after the new wolves took over. She felt truly alone and wasn't sure what she should even do with herself. Laying down she forced away her chilling thoughts and got some rest before the trek off into the unknown.
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