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 Nightshade (Wip)

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PostSubject: Nightshade (Wip)   Fri Feb 24, 2017 4:47 pm

Name: Nightshade
Nicknames: Night (Usually introduces herself as)
First OC: Yasuna
Number of Characters Owned: 2
Age: 5
Gender: Female
Orientation: Heteroflexible

Pack: Armythian
Rank: Guardians
Element: Fire

Personality:(Have at least 100 words)
Description: (Have at least 100 words)

History: Nightshade was the youngest child born to Clein and Dawn, her elder siblings are known as Ash, Bluemoon, and Smokecloud. She was born on a rainy night in woodlands hidden amongst a valley. For a few weeks after she was born, Dawn wasn't sure whether she would make it. Slowly but surely the youngest was able to gain weight and tumble with her siblings. Once some moons pass and the mother, dawn, deem them capable they are introduced to the outside of the den, where they first learn of grass and the ever changing sky. While the pups learned the ways of survival she felt a bit sad watching her sister grow strong while she remained not only the smallest but the weakest, although Bluemoon was the second born, she easily managed to pin Ash, and well it wasn't surprising for the dark furred wolf to see Bluemoon easily pin smokecloud, the much softer spoken of the four pups. Nightshade found that she could just barely overpower smokecloud, yet she could never beat her other two siblings. Due to this Nightshade would often sulk by herself causing a distance to be created between her and her siblings. Bluemoon ever the carer set out to fix whatever problem that was stilling the youngest pup away. First, Nighshade tried to brush Bluemoon off but slowly but surely the older females calm words and warmth cracked through Nightshades wall bringing her to share with the white and gray female her troubles. After that point Bluemoon began training with Nightshade trying to help the youngest to become stronger.
On one fateful night, after Cleins sister and mate visited, Clein escorted the pair out of his territory before heading home, it was then he noticed a glow in the distance. A fire had sprung up amongst the forest. Rushing home he warned his mate. "We need to go. Now!" He barked the order heading for the den.
"I don't understand... what's wrong?" He swung his head around looking over the top of the tree's where a quickly glowing light begin to show.
"No... fire." His mate gasped before rushing into the den. She prodded and spoke to her pups in a hurried tone. Smoke slowly rose but shook his sleep away noticing his mother’s state.
"Hurry dawn its almost here!" Clein poked his head in, fur bristling with narrowed eyes and a slight tremble. Blue rose her head then sleepily nudged ash before clambering out of the den after smoke. Upon exiting the den blue folded her ears back as a roaring sound made it to her then. Flames crawled about the area quickly latching onto the surrounding trees. Dawn was quickly following after with ash coming out behind but before he could exit flames leaped forward enclosing him into a flaming pit. His howl of fear chilled them to the bone, dawn looked back trying to find a way to get to her pup. Clein watched in horror as a tree limb began to sway then crack. 'Dawn!' he cried rushing forward watching as dawn looked up with a whimper. The crash was heard from very far sending ashes into the air. Smoke and blue watched with tails between their legs and disbelief. All that was visible was a gray paw, fire closing in and their father crouched beside the mass burying his muzzle into his paws as he wept.
Nightshade who had been behind ash scrambled back towards the back of the den, her way out blocked by her brother and now a tree branch. The smoke and flames began to scour the females vision with the smoke latching onto her lungs. She whimpered and howled praying for whatever god that was out there to take pity on her and save her. She tried gnawing on the twigs that made up the back of the den. "I'm going to die here!" Ears twitching she could of sworn she heard her father for a moment. Near the spot she had just been digging she heard the cracking and saw the crumbling of dirt as her father forced his way through. Snagging her by the nape of the neck Clein pulled her from the den. "Head towards the north, Smoke and Blue are that way." She started to follow her fathers orders, but when she looked back she noticed her father hadn't budged, he stood near the large branch that now covered her mother. His tail and ears drooping as he slowly laid himself next to his mate. "Papa...?" No answer came, the only sound was the roaring of the flames and birds shrieking as they fled. In her fear she turned away from her father and tried to follow the path that Bluemoon had hopefully taken.
A few days later, the young wolf was found by a female wolf and her two sons, taking pity on the starving and crispy wolfling they fed and nurtured her back to well health. But only for a short time, once she was well and the wolves felt she was able they left her to herself to wonder aimlessly. Once she turned three, she happened upon a pack and became a hunter. She knew she wasn't the strongest but that didn't mean she wouldn't provide and protect her pack, her family. She found a mate who shared a similar dark pelt. Sadly during a migration Night found herself separated from her pack. Unable to find them anywhere she heads back to the old pack den where she suffers through hunger to wait out the migration. But they never returned.
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Nightshade (Wip)
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