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 General Site Rules

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PostSubject: General Site Rules   Thu Feb 16, 2017 10:17 pm

These are the rules of WOS. Please be sure to follow them as each rule break does come with consequences decided by the forum staff. If you have any question about the rules, please pm a staff member or myself.

1. Site rating is PG-13
We do allow minimal cursing in all areas of the forum. We ask that you keep it minimal to the courtesy of younger roleplayers. Images may have blood in them, no cursing and not nudes or nightmarish. We recommend that you are 13 and older to join, but we are still an open community. Enter at your own risk.

2. Be active
We love to Roleplay and the success of WOS is the activity of our members. Please be sure that you are present when monthly activity checks are posted and that you are managing your multiple accounts accordingly. Staff completes an account clean up every two months or so, sometimes randomly. If you struggle with activity, please let us know and we can work something out, we won't imprison you here if it is not for you.

3. Artwork Usage
Artwork comes in many forms including linearts, photomanipulations, and digital art. If you use artwork from a source such as dawnthieves to create avatars, please be sure to put a credit some place. The work is not yours unless you created it. If the user does not ask for credit, you're good. Google image do have an exception as it can be free stock photos. Using work from DeviantArt more than likely may require credits. Art theft may result in warning or ban.

4. Avoid power-playing
We use a lot of elemental and magic use on WOS. It is highly advisable that you do not overuse your given freedom. A water element experienced wolf may heal quickly, but at the cost of their overall magic use. Please try to keep things sensible and stick to the guides we provide for you to avoid any issues.

5. Marking Plot threads
Please use markers for the roleplay threads. The site is PG-13 and so any form of sexual content or extensive cursing should be marked with the appropriate markers. Remember that we do have younger players and so i do advise younger players to look out for mature markers at all times. Also specify if you want a private rp with someone. We don't want players joining thread and told not to rp there for the lack of notification on the thread, so please use the given markers.
M= Mature, P=Private, AW=All welcome, S=Sexual Content

6. Use Liquid Time
You may use liquid time to have your character in more than one place/thread at a time. Make sure that the events in those threads are in some way, like a timeline of events. A character in Laketown would be battling a thief in one thread, talking to friends with an injured while in another thread and be unharmed in another thread, sipping tea at his house.
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General Site Rules
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