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 Character Behavior

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PostSubject: Character Behavior   Sun Mar 12, 2017 7:33 pm

As we all know, the site and Roleplay are semi-realistic. You might be wondering what sorts of limitations or abilities you have in the Roleplay. This guide will answer those questions. If you have other questions concerning your characters appearance, visit the character creation forum. This guide will concern mostly behaviors of the Roleplay concerning our characters.

Character Intelligence
In the main plot of WOS, it says that the wolves of Samaria grew to be more intelligent animals than those of their ancestors. What does this entail? Your character uses weapons, speaks to each other and wears clothing and armor to protect them from the dangers of Samaria. These characteristics are not mandatory for you to join WOS. You can set your own limits, like maybe your character speaks but does not agree to wearing clothing or using weapons but, instead, use their teeth and claws to defend themselves.

Mating Behaviors

Keeping to the tradition of howling for attention and commending a ritual for the married couple, mating behavior is pretty self-explanatory. Be sure to use the appropriate thread indicators if sexual content is involved. During the ritual, the Archwolf will also bless the couple. See the Ritual forum for more details.

Ranking Behaviors
Any high ranks are the Alpha, Deputy, Alchemist and Mentors with any amount of authority. Additional and lower standard ranks must treat each other equally unless of the Leader position with that rank, but remember that leaders do not hold the same authority level as an Alpha.

In-depth Character Physiology
We are still on four legs. The only thing that has changed is the ability to communicate with animals outside our species, bend the elements, use magic, talk like a human being and wear clothes or wield weapons by jaws. Our physical form may have a few changes such as larger than normal ears, longer or shorter tail, unrealistic eye colors and markings, etc.
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Character Behavior
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