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PostSubject: Delta    Wed Apr 19, 2017 9:47 am

Name: Delta

Pronunciation: De-l-ta

First OC: N/A

Number of Characters Owned: 2

Age: 2

Gender: female


Pack: The Armythian Pack

Rank: Deputy

Element: Ice? ( really dont get the this Element thing....)

Personality: Delta is a good listener and is usually kind. she is also very smart and skilled. overall a calm, steady personality. she gives off a warm, kind vibe, a fatherly figure. Gentle and extroverted, Delta tends to make friends easily and has an alluring personality. she tends to take others under her wing and cares deeply about the feelings of others. Soft spoken and good with words.

she's the kind of wolf you come to with your problems. delta's quick to offer emotional support but may try to work with you about the solution instead of just giving it to you on a silver platter. she wants you to think about things from different perspectives and come to conclusions on your own, but she'll be right there by your side as you do. Delta's stable, reliable, loyal, and you can always depend on her

Description: Delta is a pur-white wolf with blue eyes.


History: TBA - if thats fine-

Likes: People, taking care of others, brightening others' day, positivity, acts of kindness, leading, following rules, nature, helping, productivity

Dislikes: Liars, violence, pettiness, rebelliousness, unthoughtful people, procrastination, laziness, things not getting done, narrow or close minded people.
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