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 Kiaga-the silent

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PostSubject: Kiaga-the silent    Wed Apr 19, 2017 10:08 am

Name: Kiaga

Pronunciation: Key-ya-ga

First OC: N/A

Number of Characters Owned:2

Age: 2

Gender: male


Pack: Armythian

Rank: Deputy


Personality: Kiaga is rather quiet as compared to other pack members. It isn't that he is timid or anything, it's simply because he believes that he doesn't bring much to the table, despite the fact that he made it to the rank of beta male even thow he left his pack . But when he does speak, he may come off as sarcastic or even a bit rude. Give him time, though, and he'll prove that he's anything but. He's a determined male and won't give up on any task he gets. He is stealthy and could very well walk in and out of the territory without making too much noise.

Description: As to be expected by his dire wolf heritage, KIaga is a truly massive wolf. In size he outshines just about every other wolf in the pack, However, despite being exceptionally tall. He is made to look bulkier than he is in actually by his polychromatic, thick coat. In reality, he is strong but tightly compact, making for a surprisingly agile and fast dire wolf. His features are more pronounced than a typical wolf, even though he shares the thick coat. His head is larger, with a longer muzzle, deeper chest, and bigger paws.

His fur is primarily a dark brown color, although it darkens around his crown, spine, and tail, and occasionally gives way to silver highlights on his chest and haunches. His eyes are an ever-shifting color; they usually take up a pale green hue, but on certain days they may seem copper brown, or golden. He has a single, Large scar, which he gained from pertecting his sister by attacking the grizzly. in another A confrontation with a grizzly also earned him a set of four scars on his left rib, which are diagonal.


History: Kiaga, born into a large pack lead by his and her own parents, when he was old enough his father stepped down and retired leaving kiaga, and Delta the new alpha's. He was a good leader tho at times he could be rash. Kiaga trusted all his pack tho his betas most even with there huntress pup causing trouble most of the time. A sudden illness swapped threw the pack killing any wolf that caught it, unable to help kiaga and Delta fled like some of the other wolves, traveling alone before being accepted into another pack, earning there trust and becoming a beta, but it didn't last, the pack was killed by another wolf pack,. Now traveling alone again to find his place in life.
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Kiaga-the silent
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