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 Open Wounds | AW

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Nyc Loner
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PostSubject: Open Wounds | AW   Tue May 02, 2017 3:18 pm

The brute was no less pleased in the human scents that he was with his own kind. He harsh demeanor and short temper England here as he scanned the two-legged homes, curious and disgusted at the same time. What could a wolf find here? He was hoping to find some sort of weapon he could use against those who dared to question him. A lethal, ragged dagger would do perfectly; something cruel. He laughed devilishly in spite of himself. Saladin wasn't known to be nice, but he was known to show some honor in the things he had done, but he would never revert back to kindness. It would kill him. As the male paused in the doorstop of a building, he looked inside at what he thought used to be a room full of soft objects. Sometimes the humans left things behind in buildings like this one, but Saladin needed to be careful of any predators who made home to the place, if any at all.
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Open Wounds | AW
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